There are artists who are able to sublimate a still raw self-consciousness, dipped into the darkness of an asleep reason, that forces you to grabble , in constant danger of tripping on your own steps.

Exiled in an unknown world , characterized by an arcane and primitive taste, everybody knows, however, that besides the appearance of banal everyday life, in the paralysis of the darkness of what seems  to be an asleep consciousness, there is treasure enclosed that only a few are able to perceive and that requires a great exercise of their own senses – a tension to exceed the limits of a banal appearance and a constant listening of an inner self  – something that for a sensitive soul like that of an artist , seems easier than that for the others. The artist tries to investigate, gropes into that darkness that surrounds him, finds out to be chained, condemned to oblivion by his own fears and pettiness that have taken up residence in his mind; figures of men like him trapped in an empty life gather around him, men forced to repeat the same thoughts, the same actions , reduced to mere automatons. Yet he knows that something shines inside that darkness ; is a rough stone that must be sought with perseverance , honing that Nothing that surrounds him, freeing it from the shackles of unnecessary habits that grips him. Groping, with the only help of his senses, begins to explore whatever surrounds him, asking himself questions, as in the Platonic memory’s myth, feels the glow and tries to snatch the mysterious source. Mariangela Bombardieri manages to combine in herself these rare qualities : careful inquisitive of the world around her and at the same time of her inner self, she has managed to find her way in the chaos that surrounds the human being just relying on those senses which are capable of deceiving so much in order to be able to snatch the secret, entrusting her own reflections to the  immediacy of color and, through it, to express a great new awareness, shaping a new world, where the fantasy is left free to roam and to bring back to life in all their mighty presence, the characters of the myth , the ancient Greek Gods, the inhabitants of the Imaginary World of the  literature, but also controversial historical figures unable to resist the timeless charm of the Three Graces. Hers is an imaginative world but never imaginary; a world in which reality is filtered through the lens of an artistic mood, sensitive, though, without being ever changed into a fairy tale. The deep meaning, never boring of  her symbolism creeps into our consciousness, our senses are affected by the impetuosity of her colors that enchant the eye and penetrate the bottom of the soul of the beholder, reawakening ancient and immortal questions: the vortex of extemporaneous  feelings and emotions  with which the artist envelops us, is made to reach the most hidden corners of our souls, tear the veils of our self-defense and force us to see the world for what it really is for us. The color, dominated with exceptional alchemical skill, hurts our eyesight, rips the chains that keep us imprisoned in a grey and meaningless world, stimulating, through the senses, the imagination and the reason, preventing them to swoop into that sleep that irretrievably ends with the procreation of monsters.


BIOMariangela Bombardieri’s painting is a constant discovery of the world around her and at the same time reveals us an  inner self  gently reflective and overwhelming in its expressiveness. Her brush reminds us of the hot Mediterranean summers , the characters represented on its web evoke the ancient gods of Ancient Greece , with whom she shares the birth. It is in these lands that she begins her artistic career by relying on instinctive creativity , at that which appears immediately as an innate vocation to the color and storytelling that can only come from the strong bond with her own land.

From her beginnings to the present day, it has been a crescendo of acclaim from audiences and critics alike, which led from the first regional exhibitions participation in the Celeste Prize and later to New Florence Biennale’13, contemporary contest of international importance, which marks her rapid transition to the foreign scene in a few months. Her art has already charmed the audience of the Spanish city of Cordoba and one in Moscow.

Pending the exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, the  works of Mariangela Bombardieri will open the exhibition season of Workshop 105 at Como’s space, characterized  in the past years of the kaleidoscopic artistic proposal and that has now become one of the points of reference for contemporary Como’s art lovers.