The Endless Search of Mariangela Bombardieri

Don Quisciotte e la lunga notte

Don Quisciotte and his long night.

Studio Tablinum: Some artists are able to sublimate a still raw self-consciousness, dipped into the darkness of an asleep reason, that forces you to grabble , in constant danger of tripping on your own steps.Exiled in an unknown world , characterized by an arcane and primitive taste, everybody knows, however, that besides the appearance of banal everyday life, in the paralysis of the darkness of what seems  to be an asleep consciousness, there is treasure enclosed that only a few are able to perceive and that requires a great exercise of their own senses – a tension to exceed the limits of a banal appearance and a constant listening of an inner self  – something that for a sensitive soul like that of an artist , seems easier than that for the others.

Adonis death

Adonis death

The artist tries to investigate, gropes into that darkness that surrounds him, finds out to be chained , condemned to oblivion by his own fears and pettiness that have taken up residence in his mind; figures of men like him trapped in an empty life gather around him, men forced to repeat the same thoughts, the same actions , reduced to mere automatons. Yet he knows that something shines inside that darkness; is a rough stone that must be sought with perseverance , honing that Nothing that surrounds him, freeing it from the shackles of unnecessary habits that grips him. Groping, with the only help of his senses, begins to explore whatever surrounds him, asking himself questions, as in the Platonic memory’s myth, feels the glow and tries to snatch the mysterious source.

Mariangela Bombardieri manages to combine in herself these rare qualities : careful inquisitive of the world around her and at the same time of her inner self, she has managed to find her way in the chaos that surrounds the human being just relying on those senses which are capable of deceiving so much in order to be able to snatch the secret, entrusting her own reflections to the  immediacy of color and, through it, to express a great new awareness, shaping a new world, where the fantasy is left free to roam and to bring back to life in all their mighty presence, the characters of the myth , the ancient Greek Gods, the inhabitants of the Imaginary World of the  literature, but also controversial historical figures unable to resist the timeless charm of the Three Graces. Hers is an imaginative world but never imaginary; a world in which reality is filtered through the lens of an artistic mood, sensitive, though, without being ever changed into a fairy tale.



The deep meaning, never boring of  her symbolism creeps into our consciousness, our senses are affected by the impetuosity of her colors that enchant the eye and penetrate the bottom of the soul of the beholder, reawakening ancient and immortal questions: the vortex of extemporaneous  feelings and emotions  with which the artist envelops us, is made to reach the most hidden corners of our souls, tear the veils of our self-defense and force us to see the world for what it really is for us. The color, dominated with exceptional alchemical skill, hurts our eyesight, rips the chains that keep us imprisoned in a grey and meaningless world, stimulating, through the senses, the imagination and the reason, preventing them to swoop into that sleep that irretrievably ends with the procreation of monsters.

Mariangela’s art needs no introduction: it breaks all by itself with the strength of its color and takes possession of the viewer thanks to  the sheer force of the questions and thematics that is capable of raising in those who admire it. Within her, life and art are a combination rarely so well harmonized, so that turns to be invaluable deepening with her some of her themes and her way of experiencing art.

La coincidenza degli opposti - JPG Def.

The coincidence of opposites

What emerged was a sparkling dialogue, from which to draw a number of stimulations that help you see her art with a renewed glance. We don’t want to dwell with a critical text – we’d rather leave the word at the artist and to her reflections:

– Speaking of roots, where do your roots sink? What is the hummus that has fueled your art making?

 – In the origin of my artistic work there is a deep love of freedom conjugate to an overpowering  need to tell and to tell about myself. Is there something more free and powerful than the fantasy? As claimed by Leonardo himself , ” the painter is the lord of all kinds of people and of all things ,” meaning that the painter can generate and create everything that crosses his mind. This “power” of the painter has always fascinated me, I consider it the highest form of manifestation of the power of the human mind. Indeed , if for Leonardo the painting is still “a child of nature “, with the discovery of abstract painting we finally appropriated the language of the spirit. Returning to the Theme of the Freedom , which coincides with my idea of ​​art , Leonardo da Vinci loved it with the same force with which pursued his knowledge. He experienced the pain of the incarceration, as a consequence of the charge of sodomy. Vasari tells us that he used to stop in the streets of Florence and pay the merchants of birds, in order to open the doors of the cages and free the birds that were locked inside. But the art is not just freedom, it is also the exceeded of our human condition. Telling something and telling about myself through painting, makes me feel like a modern Scheherazade, the heroine of The Thousand and One Nights, which saves her own life thanks to her skills as a weaver of stories. I like to think that, when my mouth will become mute, there will be the stories I have depicted  to prolong the sound of my voice. As for the substrate that has fueled my art making, it goes from the fables of Phaedrus to the stories of Kafka, from the adventures of Don Quixote to the Pirandello’s short stories, through the Franciscan Lauds and the poetry of Ungaretti.



Mariangela Bombardieri

 – Could you describe what are the elements that could be defined essential for your creative and training course?

 – My first work experience, which lasts to this day, was crucial: it taught me the respect for myself and has infused me safety and awareness. The knowledge of suffering, however, has freed my mind from the constraints and conditionings, giving me the feeling of being an acrobat who twirls on the trapezium and soars himself into the air without a safety net. To express my perceptions, which of course are reflected in my artistic career, I like to recall an expression of Pico della Mirandola: “You can degenerate into lower things, at the level of the brutes; You can, according to your will, regenerate in higher things which are divine.”

 – We have highlighted a mixture of genres and themes in your work . What is the common thread between them?

 – The common thread that unites my works is precisely represented by this mixture of genres and themes , which is desired. I intend to achieve in painting, in fact, a form of “cultural syncretism” where you have the perfect and harmonious fusion of the different disciplines of human knowledge. I incline to the art made of contents and symbols, and, as I explained, I always dreamed of being a great “storyteller”. Hence my passion for the myths, legends and fairy tales, and not only …

 – How does the cue for a new work rise ? What are the sources of your inspiration?

 – The idea of ​​a new framework arises almost like a bolt from the blue, suddenly snaps with the same speed of a summer storm. It’s a sudden enlightenment. The creative process of an artist is an alchemical process and I think it’s right for it to remain partially shrouded in mystery. The sources of my inspiration are within the reach of all but hidden for the eyesight of the more …

– Italy is the land of art, Art History teaches us, nowadays is it still the same? An Italian artist or a foreign one would be persuaded to see themselves as such in our country?

 – Italy has an impressive artistic heritage, often overlooked and forgotten, that should be re-evaluated. The same should be done for the creativity of the Italian artists , unrecognized on the benefit of the foreign artists. Our national pride should be awoken. Being Italians has to become a source of pride.

– During our meeting you’ve talked about your desire about the becoming of your artistic passion in a full-time profession, you want to anticipate us something?

 – My artistic passion directs my steps each day and permeates my thoughts. Account in the future to make a full-time profession and in the meantime I dedicate myself to it with great commitment and study.

– Among prospects and projects what do you think your future holds?

 – I’m building my future with targeted initiatives and through the realization of projects in the medium term. At the end of the year I will be busy with an exhibition at the Grand Palais de Paris, and after the exhibition here in Como, I’m counting to exhibit some of my works to the Museum of Turin MIIT.

Elisa Larese

Aisthesis- Como, Off.105, 3 Maggio2014

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