DSCN2196Studio Tablinum: the exhibition, which has been organised at Villa Carlotta from July the 17th to July the 31st of the British artist Roland Osita Nwankwo, was a sort of “work in progress”.

In fact in the first week he gave life to the works that have been shown during the next week in the Wunderkammer Saal; room recently opened on the mezzanine floor of the Villa.

Surely the location was of great help to the imagination of our painter: Villa Carlotta, in addition to being one of the most important museums of Lombardy, is famous for its lush botanical garden where you can see many species of plants and flowers.

How not to speak of Lake Como? It, too, in perfect union with the lush garden, is an inexhaustible source of chromatic emotions; a magical place that lulls and takes you away with its sway.

And surely even our artist has been shocked by its beauty. A unique and authentic beauty.

The colors of the paintings that he has produced in the first week prove that: has been able to portray with absolute mastery all the nuances of this locus amoenus.

Scale of colors follow each other in harmony and peace; at times some seem to stand out on others but they are never predominant. Everything is calibrated, without any particular tension and, moreover, could not be otherwise due to the location.

In addition, the style of painting of Osita follows his own personality: he was born in England but is of African origin and, in spite of the chaotic rhythms of the city, in the veins continues to flow the placid tranquility of the homeland.

That’s why we decided to name this show All the colors of an artist’ soul”: the common denominator between the artist and the landscape is color; treated in an exemplary manner by Osita but comes -authentically and naturally- from Nature through fantastic landscapes which people don’t consider as they should do.

Camilla Oliveri