Maria Mouriadou in “Art in EXPO”: THE FORCE OF NATURE

Maria Mouriadou

Tablinum: we meet Maria Mouriadou during her participation in the international exhibition Art in Expo, feed the world with Art and and we take this opportunity to ask some interesting questions about her work.

What are the essential elements from which comes your inspiration to paint?

Techniques of painting most suited for me are expressionistic. These are aimed at forcing the viewer to feel what he sees!

– What are the techniques of painting that you think are best suited to express your creativity?
I prefer to communicate some positive sentiments in the middle of this economic crisis that includes everybody.

– Painting to externalize emotions and feelings or paint to communicate to each other?
Some reality, some reflection… Both are essential to my poetry.

– Reality or reflexion? What prevailed in defining your own poetry?

I am moved by the force of nature, the beauty of the sun during summer and the changes of the seasons.

-A moment or a meeting which represent an important stimulus for your career.
Into the evolution of your artistic career, is there something that is more relevant for you in the present than in the past ?

During my journeys in the Middle East and the North of Africa, I was influenced by the beauty of many different sceneries which triggered my admiration…

-If you had to choose a color to represent you, what would be yours? Why do you think is the most suitable for you?

My inspiration comes mainly from the positive elements of life! The sea, the water, the trees, the sun and light are the main elements that activate my inspiration. My color would be the blue green the color of the water of the sea during summer.

And now the commentary that Francesca Chiara Cassani has devoted to the paintings of the artist which is possible to enjoy on the exhibition until September 25 at officinacento5 in Como.

Maria Mouriadou

Maria Mouriadou, Carovan, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 50

CARAVAN explain the hugeness of the desert. The caravan is travelling and is amazing how the men are small and helpless in front of the nature and its mysteries.

The painting technique is made by a small color combinations mixed together in order to create movement.
The desert dunes evoke the sea colours to get a picture of the projection of a trip across the barren desert to find the way to the sea.

Maria Mouriadou

Maria Mouriadou, The Road to Sinai, oil on canvas, cm 100 x 70

THE WAY TO SINAI: Many are the means that the artists would describe regarding its desert vision. First of all this art work could resemble a journey picture. Actually is a discovery of ourselves whwre thw man travels to discover his identity. This canvas has a perfect pictorial composition, the rocks and the stoneson the background give a prospective feeling: the sable tone give brightening near the blue rocks. The nomadic is descrive with light colour contrasting with the hot desert environment.

Maria Mouriadou

Maria Mouriadou, Bosphorus, oil on cavas, cm 100 x 100

BOSPHORUS: This canvas reminds the Venetian view of the eightheenth Century. An Eastern landscape is protagonist with is many minarates that are lost on the dark background. Prevail a color palette in shades of blue tones while the white give three-dimensionality and light at the picture.

Maria Mouriadou

Maria Mouriadou, On the bay of Bosphorus, Oil on canvas, 100X70cm

ON THE BAY OF BOSPHORUS: the great blue water way is the protagonist ,a first suggestion could bea n overlooking at the window while the viewer see the colourfull city. The small houses represented by many small and coloured squares that give movement, the domes and minarets determinate the compositional space.
The frame work remember the colourfull Istanbul. Perhaps, the artist let the viewer the chance to analize the details of the painting in order to sense all the charm of this city.



Marie Mouriadou is an expressionist greek artist. She was born in Athens, from 1992 she devoted herself exclusively to the work of artist that brought her, from exhibition to exhibition, to travel the world.

In her works she transmits all the emotions and colors of the lands visited.

Her works are present in numerous private collections in Europe.

Elisa Larese