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Stefano Perini at “Art in Expo”: an eclectic way to communicate

immagine periniTablinum: the art of Stefano Perini, alias Cheville, gushes with emotion perceived unfiltered and stop on canvas with an immediacy that does not neglect the technical excellence. His eclecticism is urgent to communicate to each other‘s emotions, immerse it in a world view in which everything takes on the color of emotion…

-What are the essential elements from which comes your inspiration to paint?

My inspiration comes from what happens every day in my life emotionally: anger, sadness, love and more.

– What are the techniques of painting that you think are best suited to express your creativity?

The use of various spatulas or common kitchen sponges highlight every nuance of my emotion feeling.

– Painting to externalize emotions and feelings or paint to communicate to each other?

Certainly emotions and feelings because I live for this.

– Reality or reflexion? What prevailed in defining your own poetry?

Both, in my life the common gestures always hide a reflective part, every action has its own reason.

– A moment or a meeting which represent an important stimulus for your career?

Is there a particular moment that changed my career and especially my life, or being in a group of artists called “Free Art Group”. There, over the course of these three years I have to prove myself with nothing short of fantastic people who have influenced my art giving me advice on how to use various painting techniques, not only influenced my life because it made me a better person and personally I could not do without them.

– If you have to choose a color to that represent you, what would be yours? Why do you  think is the most suitable for you?

White. It is represent my own libert

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