Tablinum: Ad Infinitum is the first cultural and artistic event in Tablinum Cultural Management’s  2016 LUST FOR ART program, following the successful Art in Expo FEED THE WORLD WITH ART program in 2015, which registered a total number of 42.590 visitors last year.

Ad Infinitum will take place at the exhibition space of Officinacento5, Viale Lecco 105 in Como, from Saturday 7th May  to Sunday, 15th May 2016.

Ad Infinitum, which is a curatorial art project of Tablinum Cultural Management, aims at presenting the fascinating world of Space Art through the paintings by Giorgio Tardonato and Pierre Kuentz in accordance with Tablinum’s usual multi-disciplinary and informative policy in order to accomplish a stimulating encounter between art and science which will certainly provide the public with an important and enriching opportunity – an exceptional range of collateral free entry events, thanks to the partnership with the Larian Astronomers Group (LAG), Skyward Experimental Rocketry and stage actor Christian Poggioni.

On May 7th, during the opening night, the Skyward Experimental Rocketry staff will present the public with two authentic rockets that had once orbited the Earth. Meanwhile, the Larian Astronomers Group  will offer a reconstruction program with a digital planetarium, which will allow the public to enjoy the thrill of diving into the “Theater of the Cosmos“.


Saturday, 7th May, 7.30 pm: Opening Event

Thursday, 12th May, 9pm : workshops and interactive projections presented by the Larian Astronomers Group (LAG)

Saturday, 14th May, 6pm: Theatrical performance by the actor Christian Poggioni based on  Galileo’s Life by Bertolt Brecht

 Opening time:

14.00 pm – 18.00 pm (Tuesday to Friday) ;  10.00 am – 19.00 pm (Saturday & Sunday);  Closed on Monday


Space Art is the perfect expression of the link between science and art, capable of sucessfully transmitting to the public a strong, enthralling dream of exploring the cosmos.

Giorgio Tardonato’s paintings stand out for their scientific accuracy, blended with the desire to express on canvas the wonder of the stars and the distant galaxies thousands of light years away, without ever allowing the imagination to prevail over the paintings’ own realism. He says: “Our universe contains all the beauty and necessary wonder in itself and the artist could not render the representation of nature even more amazing.”

Pierre Kuentz has a more sensitive approach to the representation of the universe. “In my paintings,” he says, “I want to reveal the great astonishment of man  facing and observing a millennial, ineffable spectacle.”

OFFICINACENTO5: is an exhibition space based on a new concept according to which every form of culture is free to merge into innovative cultural programs. This location was specifically chosen by TCM for contemporary art. Officinacento5 is located in Viale Lecco 105 in Como.

TABLINUM CULTURAL MANAGEMENT: our projects derive from the will to create a cultural model in which art can succeed in communicating the core values that surpass the usual market logic and rediscover the primary value of culture as a nurturing force of human consciousness. This is why we like to consider ourselves above all “employees of  culture.”

Free admission to all events.

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