A voyage trough the stars with Pierre Kuentz

Fifty years lived as an artist. Pierre Kuentz, has joined with his early works,at only 18 years of age,  with the art collections of the French amateurs.

Following a profound study of art history, Kuentz travels abroad and the suggestions therein obtained inspire him.

From his African period spent in Gabon and in the Ivory Coast, he obtained a palette with predominant primary colors, shadows and reflections.)

During his career, he has participated in numerous artistic events. He has attended international museums and galleries where he was able to learn more about the contemporary, artistic world at the highest levels.

He develops a very personal painting technique based on the mixture of color pigments and sand.
He has worked for many years next to Master Gustave Tiffoche Breton, painter and ceramist of international fame which enabled him access to the collections of major European and American buyers.
In recent years, he has switched from terrestrial landscapes to astronomical ones thereby fusing a thorough scientific precision with his inimitable style of painting, revealing a delicate sensitivity for the enigma that the cosmos represents in humans.

For decades, his paintings have only been accessible to major collectors, and are now accessible to the wider public due to his participation in international events such as the Carousel du Louvre, the Grand Palais and international exhibitions such as Ad Infinitum in collaboration with Cultural Tablinum management.


When we are faced with the spectacle of the cosmos, it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by a feeling of wonder and alienation.

The Universe images that elicit so much admiration in us are not visible to the naked eye but only through the great Hubble technological eye.

Shapes and sublime colors act on an artist’s sensitivity thus providing a great evocative and emotional impact:

During the long, artistic career of Pierre Kuentz, his paintings have always distinguished themselves not only for their evident technical excellence, but aboveall for their extraordinary sensitivity to color and the emotions that they convey to the human soul.

His artistic techniques developed under the influence of the great masters of the twentieth century avant-garde from which he has borrowed the uncommon sensitivity to the use of color :

you might guess the appeal of a mature Cezanne in which the line study introduces the concepts of Cubism of Braque and Picasso. Also evident are the strong color contrasts that evoke Matisse and there are also references to the style of the Italian genius, Parisian by adoption, Amedeo Modigliani.

In subsequent years, the meeting with the colors and authenticity of African landscapes can only donate to his works that inimitable touch of colors and material inserts, especially the desert sands, which capture the spectator in a hot whirlpool of earthly colors that remind us of zenithal sunsets and scorched deserts interspersed with savannas.

Finally: the artist’s emotional eye switches from earth to heaven and begins to investigate the wonders of the cosmos; the colors that Hubble offers us from distant galaxies millions of light years away, provoke in him an irresistible fascination, impossible not to direct it toward an artistic inspiration.
Pierre Kuentz through his art invites us to free ourselves from our everyday life in order to let the beauty of the Universe  attract us and then to allow us to participate in the excitement of being part of its wonderful mechanism.

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