LUST FOR ART 2016 : Joakim Hansén and Maria Mouriadou at Villa Carlotta

logoTablinum is proud to present its annual program of thematic exhibitions – LUST FOR ART – dedicated to the artists and promoted by our curatorial department.
Following the success of “Art Expo – FEED THE WORLD WITH ART”, which recorded a total of 42,590 visitors last year, this time we have decided to look at art through the eyes of those who both love it passionately and collect it. Art was an essential factor in the development of our society and the passion has been its motor.
As Flaubert wrote: If there is something to worship on this earth and among all Nothingness, if there is something holy, pure, sublime, something that should support this huge desire of infinity and vagueness which is called the soul, then this is the art.
That is why we wish to celebrate our LUST FOR ART through the works of a selected shortlist of contemporary artists from several European nations.

Stitched Panorama

We want to do this by being guided by the feelings we experience in works of art.In a century in which culture, and therefore also art is its lifeblood, too often brushed aside or subjected to an extraneous logic, we believe it is important to dwell upon this sensitive awareness.
Art and aesthetic enjoyment: art possesses the power to reawaken the spiritual potential that lies dormant within each individual.
Art stimulates our desire and also our sense of aesthetics together with our lust for possession.
This perception embodies and implies not only the admiration of art but also the experience of an elaboration of feelings.
By means of these art exhibitions, we will investigate this aesthetic mechanism which art triggers within us by examining all our perceptions. At first glance, art attracts our attention and then deeply penetrates our inner reflection and our aesthetic enjoyment.
Artistic libido is a psychological and creative energy located within the mind: the brain and creativity resemble a puzzle whose pieces consist of language and perception.
We invite you to discover yourselves through art and its universal language.

LUST for ART 2016 will be hosted from 1st July 2016  to 30 September in the charming Museum and Botanical Garden of Villa Carlotta on LakeComo.We are pleased to offer to art lovers and collectors the works of five international artists.Now let’s find out something about the first two artists exhibiting at Villa Carlotta from 1.07.2016.

joakim_hansen_in_the_studio-011Joakim Hansèn: the Swedish artist takes his inspiration from the big city life, especially from the underground and punk worlds, he is one of the leading artists of this art style. He has created posters for rock and jazz festivals, the Moderna Muséet in Stockholm and for the denim brands Lois, Warrick and Levi’s. He has painted murals in rock clubs, biker bars, restaurants, hotels and clothing boutiques.

One of his most spectacular poster is “Waterloo, Rock Festival” created for the Swedish manager of the ABBA.
In the poster we can see the members of ABBA, portrayed according to the artist’s inspiration: they have the faces of Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and even … Groucho Marx!

He has also designed graphics for the Jockey brand as well as logos, stickers and album covers for various bands and brands. He painted murals outside several boutiques at Gamla Brogatan, the Carnaby Street of Stockholm. He is especially recognized for the mural and posters he made for Sko-Uno, Stockholm’s cult mod/punk shoe storeOver the past 15 years Joakim has been a prime force in creating the fantasy and comic aesthetics of amusement rides and environments at the classic amusement park “Grona Lund” in central Stockholm. He has created complete themed areas familiar to all Stockholmers and visited by millions every summer.

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Some of his most beautiful paintings will be exposed during his solo exhibition, Human Symphony.

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10845966_1545996899020989_2982898435668370606_nMaria Mouriadou: she is a Greek origin artist. She has collected numerous international exhibitions and a remarkably success in the world of art collecting. She is ispired by her cosmopolitan spirit and gives us the enchantment of wonderful distant places represented in her paintings with landscapes that evoke to us intense emotions.
Her extraordinary sensitivity reveal all the excitement of those voyagers who approach always new places in order to discover its secrets. To her paintings is dedicated the solo exhibition In Itinere.

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An unforgettable experience of visit, thanks to the use of digital technology.
The interactive curatorial project, will be able to interact virtually with visitors.It will make possible to revive the genesis of the artworks and analysing all the details about the paintings and investigating its meaning. Special content and curatorial texts will be accessible directly through the visual link QRCode scattered throughout the exhibition.


The two solo exhibitions will take place simultaneously at the pavilion of the Romantic Tower, in the ancient gardens of Villa Carlotta, Tremezzina (co), from Friday, July 1 to Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 2 PM to 6 PM
Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and from 2 PM to 6 PM.